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Act Like A Lady

Act Like A Lady

September 22, 2018

Most people will agree that the term ladylike carries a tone of a woman who is righteous and comes with a checklist of appropriate dress and behaviors.

"Act like a lady. Be nice. Don't be such a bitch."

We've all heard it, haven't we?

Women walk a fine line every day. We're expected to assert ourselves, but not be too assertive. We're supposed to shine, but not at the expense of others. Oh, some women will be brave enough to do it, live out there on the edge of what's culturally comfortable. But they're often whispered about, targeted, pointed at and made examples of what can happen when women step too far outside the ladylike box.

Striving to be "ladylike" can take its toll on your self-esteem and body image. So I am challenging you to create your own definition of the term and look at the ways you might be playing into the lady role.

For example. If you’re out on a date, and you opt for a side salad even though you wanted a full meal because you didn't want your date to see you scarf down a burger with poutine. Ask yourself what is that really about? Or, if you tame the way you laugh so it's not too loud, too hoarse, or too whatever, ask yourself what is that really about?

So, here I am in my thirties figuring out how to be my own version of a damn lady. Meeting myself all over again, or maybe for the first time.




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